Commenting Policy
Commenting Policy

Please help keep Dramabeans awesome! Post often, post responsibly!
No Firsts. Please, no “First” comments to hold your place in line. It’s cutting the queue, and no one likes a queue-cutter. The threaded comments are for conversations, not for holding your place while you write up the thing you really want to say. We promise we’ll still read your comments twenty minutes later.

Please use English. Given the nature of this blog we will also allow Korean. However, posting in languages outside of these becomes exclusive, not inclusive.

NO SPOILERS. This means anything that has happened in a series beyond the recap in which you are posting. If you post spoilers, they will be deleted, you will grow warts on your toes, and javabeans will learn how to make voodoo dolls to stick you in effigy. Don’t make her come after you.

Links and moderation. If your comment got held for moderation or didn’t show up, there may be a few reasons. Most likely it got stuck in the spam filter, either because it contained links or because the spam filter got aggressive that day and did it by mistake. We’ll fish those out of moderation and approve them. Please don’t try to outsmart the spam filter and post the same comment ten times, because then we have to deal with ten comments in moderation instead of just one. That said…

No spam. Aside from the obvious “Buy our happy pills!” spam, excessive promotion of a product or site also counts as spam, as do repeated postings of the same comment. We welcome your thoughts, but if you’re copy-pasting those same thoughts multiple times over, you’re heading into spam territory.

No flaming, flamebaiting, trolling. We love and encourage healthy debate, but we understand strong opinions sometimes lead to strong emotions. That’s fine, until it crosses the line into flaming, which is when attacks are made on other commenters. Flamebaiting and trolling are when a commenter provokes others with offensive statements, attacks, or purposely inflammatory language. If you’re trolling for the lulz, this is not the site for you.

Don’t post a zillion times under different names to agree with yourself. We can tell who’s doing it, and trust us, it looks really silly from our end.

Punctuation is your friend. We’re not grammar nazis, and no one will come after you for a misused semicolon. But a giant block of text with no capitalization and no punctuation is just going to get passed up. Ditto goes for comments in ALL CAPS. Nobody wants to get yelled at over their morning coffee. Want your comment to get read? Help people along. Use some punctuation, and refrain from shouting at people with a paragraph in all caps.

Spelling, plz. If u rite like dis, ur commt wll git delet’d. also, lee minoz will nevur luv u back. u duns want dat, do u?

Last but not least, just basically don’t be a douchebag. You don’t have to like everything, but you do have to be civil about it! We want to save the drama for the actual dramas themselves. We don’t tolerate commenters acting disrespectful, so check that douchenozzle at the door! You can get it back on your way out.