[2022 Year in Review] The Bean Count

Our 2022 Year in Review festivities have begun, and at the top of the list is that thing you’ve been prepping for all year. That’s right, it’s time for the Bean Count!

For those new to this Dramabeans tradition, Bean Count is a nerdy way of looking back at your year in dramas by giving the shows you loved “beans.” More love, more beans. The catch is that the number of beans you have to give away is the number of dramas you finished this year.

Here’s how to do your own Bean Count:

1. Get your total beans by counting all the 2022 shows you watched in their entirety. One finished show = one bean. (If it’s a currently airing show that you’re up-to-date on, it also counts as one bean.)

2. Now that you have your total beans, redistribute them among your finished/current shows using whatever logic makes sense to you. You can give each show one bean, give all your beans to one show, or somewhere in between those extremes. Your beans, your rules.

NOTE: This year’s list of shows includes dramas that aired after November 29, 2021 until November 29 this year, to account for the fact that you can’t love a drama till it’s over (as 2022 has so rudely taught us). We’ll add a list of the shows at the bottom of the post. If we missed some, feel free to count them in your list.

Check out how the DB team did their Bean Counts below. Click on the buttons to sort shows by number of beans or airing date. Click on the writer names at the bottom of the table to see how each person distributed their beans.

If for some reason you can’t view the charts, there’s a copy of the table here and the pie here.

But more importantly, share your own Bean Counts in the comments!

Bean Chart
Our Beloved Summer5
Bulgasal: Immortal Souls5
Ghost Doctor2
Through the Darkness16
Rookie Cops1
All Of Us Are Dead3
Twenty Five Twenty One13
Juvenile Justice3
Business Proposal18
Green Mother's Club5
Our Blues3
My Liberation Notes16
Love All Play1
Shooting Stars1
Showtime Begins!1
Red Heart2
The Sound of Magic4
Kiss Sixth Sense2
Link: Eat, Love, Kill1
Yumi's Cells 23
Alchemy of Souls18
Extraordinary Attorney Woo28
Remarriage & Desires2
Today's Webtoon2
Wild Boar Hunting1
If You Wish Upon Me1
A Model Family1
Good Job1
Little Women8
Once Upon a Small Town4
Mental Coach Jegal1
Seasons of Blossom3
Gaus Electronics2
Love is for Suckers3
Under the Queen’s Umbrella4
May I Help You4
Shadow Detective1
Curtain Call1
Revenge of Others5
Reborn Rich5
Weak Hero Class 12
Please Send a Fan Letter4

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I get partial beans for dropping a show?
Nope. No bean for you. You must have watched all the available episodes for it to count as one bean.

2. What if I fast-forwarded a show to finish it?
We don’t judge since this is supposed to be a fun tradition. 🙂 If that’s how you watch dramas and it counts as finished in your book, sure, it counts.

3. What if I watched a very long show? Shouldn’t it count as a jar of beans?
Sorry. That’s still only one bean. This rule was set in stone when the Bean Count laws were formed. Changing it will anger The Ghost of Bean Count Past.

4. Can I give negative beans to some shows, and give even more beans to another show?
Since one finished show = one bean, you can get a negative bean by un-watching a sho–just kidding! Nope. You can’t award negative beans. You can, however, take comfort in the fact that you stole that show’s one bean and gave it to something else.

LIST OF 2022 SHOWS (click on spoiler to expand)



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