The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract: Episodes 5-6

The Story of Park's Marriage Contract: Episodes 1-2

Yeon-woo’s dreams first take a hit after her male business partner betrays her and starts producing clothing copied from her designs. Her brand has lost its value, but Yeon-woo is a woman with a plan. She decides that the way to rebuild her reputation is to have the eldest son of the Kang family — a man so ugly that he remains unwed at the ripe old age of twenty-eight — married while wearing her designs. Yeon-woo theorizes that then people will attribute the end of his bachelorhood to her clothing designs. And just like that, Yeon-woo’s brand will rebound.

To put her plan in motion, Yeon-woo sneaks into the Kang household, intent on making her marriage proposition to the ugliest man she can find. Instead, she meets KANG TAE-HA (Bae In-hyuk), and he’s so handsome that his meet-cute with Yeon-woo is worthy of not one — but two! — swoony moments full of prolonged eye contact and falling cherry blossoms. Before Tae-ha can introduce himself as the “ugly” bachelor Yeon-woo’s seeking, she has to make a hasty exit because she spots her mother among the guests arriving for the youngest Kang son’s birthday party.



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