That Psychometric Guy: Episode 2

11 years later. A young man stands before a morgue, opening his eyes and smiling at the freezers. He slides his hand over the doors, and we see that the touch sends signals to his brain, giving him the ability to see the history of that object.

He touches each door, seeing all the bodies placed inside, until stopping at one marked “Hanmin Nursing Home fire.”

He opens the door and looks inside, finally showing his face and revealing himself to be our fully grown hero Lee An (Got7’s Jinyoung). A title card appears for the term “psychometry,” the ability to measure and interpret a person or object’s soul.

A detective named EUN JI-SOO (Dasom) heads toward the morgue, telling her doctor friend HONG SOO-YEON (Sa Kang) that Lee An is her best shot at solving the nursing home case since there wasn’t any evidence at the scene. She hopes Lee An can figure things out before someone named Prosecutor Kang arrives.

Ji-soo and Soo-yeon join Lee An inside and inform him that the majority of bodies inside died of smoke inhalation, while three died from stab wounds. They take the corpses out of their freezers so Lee An can further inspect them. He shuts his eyes and touches each one but is frustrated to get nothing but hazy memories of the fire.

He steps back and tells Ji-soo that the only thing all three victims have in common is having seen the numbers 80B, 75A, and 85C. He grins and asks if this is enough to make him the psychometrist for the police.

Ji-soo scoffs, saying those numbers refer to the evidence bags containing the victims’ underwear. At that, Lee An pulls out one victim’s memory of a woman wearing a ring — the perpetrator, perhaps? Just then, there’s a knock at the door and all three freak out.

The girls urge Lee An to hide and scramble over to the door to greet Prosecutor KANG SUNG-MO (Kim Kwon). Sung-mo saunters on in, suspicious as Ji-soo starts rambling about the case feeling similar to the Yungsung Apartments case.

They hear a bang from one of the freezers, and we see that Lee An is hiding inside, struggling to prevent his skin from touching anything. Sung-mo smirks, seeming to know exactly what’s going on. He locks the girls out of the room and walks over to the freezer to slide Lee An out.

“Hi, Hyung,” Lee An says with a smile. (Ha! Also, how cute is it that they’re still close?) Sung-mo reminds Lee An that he doesn’t want him using his ability this way. As punishment, Sung-mo slides him back into the freezer, wishing him luck. Lee An isn’t able to keep his head up anymore, and the second it touches the freezer, he sees visions of every corpse that was in there. He screams like a little girl and passes out, Sung-mo standing outside with a smirk the whole time.

Later, Sung-mo interrogates the only witness to the fire, an insurance agent that had gone to the home to meet a client. He’d caught a woman laughing maniacally as she stabbed her roommates and then setting the room on fire. Sung-mo finds it odd that the witness took so long to report this, but he goes along with the story for now.

Sung-mo briefs his colleagues and the Special Investigative Unit, Ji-soo included, using what he gathered from the witness and the crime scene itself. The suspect was a depressed elder who had threatened to kill before, and Sung-mo speculates that she killed herself after starting the fire.

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