Seeing with sense of touch in tvN’s That Psychometric Guy

In one of the apartments, a young boy, who we’ll come to know as LEE AN, is having a tantrum, telling his mom that he wants a puppy for his birthday. His parents ask if there’s anything else he wants, and after thinking for a second, he answers with “sibling.” Flustered, Mom gets up to look for the animal shelter’s phone number, lol.

We cut to the snobby resident from earlier, opening her door to a man we don’t see. She starts to ask what he wants, and without uttering a word, the man stabs her and sends her falling to the floor. Her friends from inside cry out in shock. As little Lee An and his parents happily walk to the elevator, on their way to retrieve a new puppy, the killer is still in the female resident’s apartment, laying several bodies on the floor.

Strangely enough, the killer also takes out the chinaware and fills them with tea, as if setting up a scene. He cuts the gas line and places a lighter in the microwave before rushing out of there. The timer hits zero and the place is up in flames, engulfing the entire middle floor with smoke.

The Lees’ elevator stops, and they’re horrified to hear other residents running past them and out of the building. Dad manages to get the doors slightly open, but they’re too low to climb up. A male high schooler (Jo Byung-kyu) comes by, and Dad grabs his ankle, begging him to at least help his son out.

Before the high schooler can answer, the guard crouches down and holds out his arms to bring Lee An up. Just as he pulls Lee An to safety, the elevator cord snaps, sending Mom and Dad hurtling down.

Little Lee An cries for his parents, and outside, the fire department is rushing to the scene. They have trouble getting close to the building, however, due to all the cars on the street. The high schooler looks out the window, evaluating the commotion down below, and mutters, “We can’t wait here any longer.”

He breaks the window with a fire hydrant and picks up An, who’s passed out from all the smoke. He gives Lee An one last look and then jumps out the opening, falling down, down, down until they smash into a car.

The crowd of residents gasp in horror. Blood pools around An’s head, and he slowly opens his eyes to see the high schooler’s name tag: Kang Sung-mo. Too weak to move, the boys both close their eyes.

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