First impressions on Manhole episode 1

~This is wacky crazed humor and I LOLed maybe twice, not sure this is my sense of humor
~So far I like the female lead more than the male lead
~The male lead is insane and most definitely has not been in love for 28 years, it’s fine to say she’s my lifelong love but shut it about “twenty eight years”
~We have a narrator introducing all the characters…interesting
~Way too much screaming going on in the first ep.
~Also so much second hand embarrassment
~I give every kdrama 2 eps to impress me so I’ll watch tonight again, hope that the time travel improves things

~I heard Red Velvet’s “Red Flavor” playing during the bar scene (yay for my very limited kpop knowledge)
~La La Land movie reference


    So many time travel related dramas lately))
    I’m kinda amazed they manage to add a new spin to this trope.
    So far Jin-Sook my fav))