On Ep 3 of The Liar and his Lover and already thinking of dropping it. Not loving the heroine’s character and the actress. The romance too seems sudden, like already? Idk, maybe I’ll watch til Ep 4..?


    Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. I had similar thoughts and some really long comment threads about So Rim and why I don’t like her. And yes, the romance seemed too sudden for me too.
    I pushed myself through all 16 episodes because I was super curious about all that buzz. It had its moments and good episodes, but I didn’t love it.
    So, my advice: Give it one more episode and if you still don’t like it, either leave it or read through the recaps.
    Oh, and listen to the OST! It is really good. 🙂


    I was there for some sweet sweet Crude Play.


    I almost dropped it as well – but for diff reason – I was frustrated with the actor. I felt like he was using her and I never felt like he redeemed himself. The actress was bareable. The secondary couple was cuter imo. I stayed bec I liked the music, the friendships, the celebrity-making-hardships, and there’s a FF button lol. I still have the full OST playlist! You can try the Japanese movie, its a bit darker but the romance was better sold imo.


    Thank you all for answering! ^^ I was also curious about the comments so I started watching it, guess it’s not for me. Will probably drop it for now and try it again when I have nothing else to watch. I have the Japanese movie on deck since a friend also highly recommended it so I think I’ll watch that instead