How I would like The Best Hit to end:


    The time travel plot is the universe’s way of getting Hyun-jae to mend his selfish ways, and lets him see how his choices and actions affect those around him, a la It’s a Wonderful Life or A Christmas Carol. It takes a while for the message to get through, as he is very very self centered. Once it does, though, he is allowed to return to 1993. This time around, when Bo-hee tells him she is pregnant, instead of doing a runner, he marries her and they become a Hallyu power couple.

    Kwang-jae never needs to be Bo-hee’s Knight in Shining Armor, so he never falls for her, and does not spend the next 20 odd years pining uselessly. Therefore, when Bo-hee’s stylist’s husband walks out on her, he is heart-free to rescue this damsel. He is a stabilizing influence on Woo-seung’s mother, and she is a freeing influence on him, and together they create a stable, loving home life for Woo-seung. Also lots of dongsaengs.

    Hyun-jae lets Young-jae know how much he appreciates him and needs him, so Young-jae’s inferiority complex is not allowed to take root and he no longer feels the need to prove himself to everyone at all times. Once their idol days are over, Young-jae, Hyun-jae, and Kwang-jae together form J3, a successful and principled talent agency where they help MC Drill overcome his stage fright, and occasionally let Hye-ri eat.

    Ji-hoon has a leg up when it comes to following his dreams, thanks to his famous parents. They still made him go to college before pursuing the stage, but are fully supportive of his music career. He and Woo-seung still grew up together and were still childhood friends, but this time around Ji-hoon has the confidence to confess his changing feelings early on. Woo-seung still writes songs, and she and Ji-hoon make great collaborators.

    Everyone lives happily and healthily ever after. The end.